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As we know that Telangana formed as a new state on 2nd june, 2014. The new government of Telangana committed to fill more than 100000 vacancies in government sector in Telangana region. Telangana state public service commission(TSPSC) published new syllabus for TSPSC Groups services. We or TSPSC portal brings you all which benefits the Groups aspirants or any exam which content covers.

Recently, group II service exam has been conducted on 11th and 13th November, 2016. We know that from all over the country more than 8 lakh aspirants applied for group II service exam. This shows that, out there, there is much competition for Group services.

There are so many reason/factors to opt groups services in large number aspirants. For example: salary is most important factor, Telangana providing higher salaries compared to other states and as Telangana is a new state it has ample of opportunity to grow personally and professionally, also provide the highest cadres in government services.

How to prepare TSPSC groups services

Well this very common question that everyone has, How to prepare TSPSC groups exam. TSPSC portal provides all the related details regards to exam and preparation tips and suggested book details.

Thus it is not an easy task to prepare the Groups services as much as easy than our thinking, Aspirant should understand the competition for TSPSC Groups services. Tspscportal provides the guidance to prepare the TSPSC group I, II, III, IV aspirants. We also provides how to prepare the exam and valuable guidance in wide range of materials where we can get ample of information regards to exam preparation.

We also concentrate on Telangana social issue and richness of telangana state. These information will helps to understand the current situations in the Telangana state and helps to provide the best information regards groups services.

As a Telanganian am proud to be part of this historical, royal and rich land of Telangana. Tspscportal created for all those, who want to get success in groups services. Those who don’t have minimal knowledge of group services, Tspsc portal portal will provide the end to end preparation methods for self study.

The whole context is about Groups services preparation. we would like to add more services like SI, Constable and Others. Hence Groups aspirants go through the all study plan for basic information about groups and wide context of groups services.